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Will Silk Sations Products work on 4C Hair?

Although results may vary, our SILKIES have every type of natural hair you can think of, including 4C and they swear by Silk Sations products. Consistency is key to any healthy hair care regimen.

Are Silk Sations Hair products safe for babies and toddlers?

Although we recommend using our hair products on toddlers starting at 24 months, our youngest SILKIE was 3 months old when his mother started using our products and never had an issues. In fact, she stated that before using our products her son had hair issues but none of the baby products worked, but now has a full head of hair and no more hair and scalp issues. But like with any other products, you have to make that call. Our products are all natural, organic, and no harmful chemicals are ever used when handcrafting our products.

Why are your body products different from store bought ones?

Silk Sations body products are natural, organic, and handcrafted. Using only the absolute best ingredients for our SILKIES. Which means, unlike most store bought products, ours are not watered down, we do not use expanders to bulk out our products, NO harmful cancer causing chemicals are ever used in our products. If we say Shea Butter is in our products, it's about 30% or more, unlike store products that may have only 2% Shea Butter. Our body products are very moisturizing and hydrating and will leave your skin feeling soft, and silky smooth, with a sun kissed glow. Our products also helps to minimize certain skin conditions. You'll feel like you just stepped out of a spa from the comfort of your home.

How do I minimize shrinkage for twistouts?

After shampooing and conditioning, moisturize the scalp with our Hair Butta and massage it in for at least two minutes.  Then part the hair into four, six, or eight sections--depending on thicknes--and be sure to de-tangle each one.  Twist each section ("stretching" method) and allow them to dry for at least eight hours; once completely dried, undo each section, apply our Curl and Defining Cream, use a comb or brush, and begin your two-strand twists.  Let your hair completely dry, then rub our Hair Butta in your hands (a little goes a long way) before applying it all over the hair's surface.

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