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About Us


My Story, Her Story, Our Story!

 Hi, I’m Tasha Nicol3, chronically ill, but I never fold.  Born and raised in New Orleans, I am a serial entrepreneur, poet, spoken word artist, a 2x published author, and the 1st spoken word artist to win a Billboard Award for Humanitarian. I want to share some of my health challenges, which served as the launching pad for Silk Sations:

  • Suffered a stroke at the age of 27

  • Survived three heart attacks before the age of 35

  • Diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in 2014 that I mistook for indigestion, and it turned out to be a blood clot the size of a lemon in my liver

  • Spent nearly a month in ICU while doctors and specialists raced against the clock to determine the source of what was literally killing me!

  • Diagnosed with a rare brain disease and Multiple Sclerosis in 2016

  • Diagnosed in 2017 with Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve disorder affecting my face. (caused by a combination of having Multiple Sclerosis and the brain disease). Also called the Suicide Disease, it is dubbed the third most painful disease known to humankind.

  • Predicted to permanently be confined to a wheelchair by 2018

  • Told by doctors in 2016 that:

a) I only had about five and a half years to live, and

b) This time frame was stretching it


But I am a woman who is defying the odds.


Oh, did I mention I also battle severe chronic pain EVERYDAY? It is difficult to stand or sit longer than 20 minutes at a time. Despite all the daily challenges, I REFUSE to give in to chronic illnesses and pain. I absolutely make NO EXCUSES and continue to persevere each day. Besides, by leaning on my strong faith in the most high , no matter how hard, I can and I will endure the challenges that could be seen as obstacles.


I created Silk Sations with the intent to help save my life. I simply was not ready to die, and refused to lay around waiting for death. I decided to jump into action to create mixtures that would be pure enough to serve as remedies to address my specific needs, without inducing flareups. After a lot of praying, I applied my 17 years of knowledge as a cosmetologist and a lot of extensive research to create healthy products. Taking into consideration that everything we put on our hair and skin is absorbed into our bloodstream and my struggles with a deadly blood disorder, I realized I must be especially careful about what I apply to my hair and skin.


After creating my handcrafted products, using all natural and organic ingredients for my personal use for almost a year... and subsequently reaping amazing visible hair, skin and health results… I could see the obvious benefits, and I could no longer keep these products to myself. So, in 2018 I decided to share Silk Sations with the world, and I know my Silkies are very happy I did. In fact, my loyal customers came up with the name Silkies, due to the amazing silky feel and healthy results they are also reaping.


Shortly after introducing my products to the world, Walmart and other big box stores came knocking. I became a Walmart online retailer. Less than a year ago I was set to stock Walmart store shelves, but that would mean I'd have to change my formulations to meet their manufacturing requirements. I wasn’t willing to compromise the integrity of my products, for NO dollar amount. And besides, changing the formulation would change its effectiveness. Staying true to my original intent of creating natural and organic products that supports healthy hair and skin, would present a conflict of interest. Therefore, I decided to pass on the opportunity.   


Regardless of the challenges presented to handcraft my products, I know I have endured even tougher health challenges. When I reflect on my experiences, I am inspired to continue offering products that will allow you to also reap the results that my Silkies and myself experience. I will continue handcrafting EVERY batch of Silk Sations products, giving my Silkies the BEST products on the market and PROVEN to work by THOUSANDS of SILKIES worldwide. Come grow with me.

Tasha Nicol3

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