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Silk Sations products are handcrafted, poured, bottled, and labeled directly from the source. Our products have been especially formulated for MELANIN Skin & NATURAL Hair Care (but, is suitable for all skin & hair types)
Silk Sations, Natural Hair Care line of products work phenomenally on: Kinky, Coiled, Curly, and Wavy hair types (4C) included.
All of our Skin Care products in our "Pamper Me" Collection are formulated to revive & refresh your skin, reduce fine lines, stretch marks, or help to prevent them. Our skin care products are also great for mild to moderate skin conditions and for removing hyper-pigmentation, while leaving your skin Silky Smooth and Soft with a sun kissed glow.
Every product is carefully handcrafted, so please allow 5-10 business days for shipping.
We adhere to the strictest quality control methods. Therefore, we do not sell anything we have not tested. Silk Sations, products are formulated by using the best raw and organic ingredients. All of our skin and hair care products are paraben, petroleum, sulfate, formaldehyde, and cruelty free.
Silk Sations is also an online Walmart Retailer/ (UPDATE), We are no longer an online Walmart retailer, we are now working on stocking store shelves. THANK YOU to all of our SILKIES for your continued support. (Please be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend about Silk Sations).
Growth Moisturizer


Adds shine, moisture, and hydrates while stimulating the scalp to accelerate

hair growth. Works great to keep hair moisturized for Sew-ins and other protective styles.

Blacker da Berry
Body Polish


Reduces & prevents stretch marks and strawberry legs, all while Leaving skin silky smooth and soft, with a sun kissed glow.

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