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"Pampering YOU, Head to Soul"


Because healthy hair and skin care should be a priority, not an option.


"Say Goodbye to bad hair days forever! Our handcrafted natural hair care products not only defines your curls and waves for days, but they also enhance your hair's natural texture, stimulates blood flow, to help accelerate hair growth. Allowing you to rock your natural hair like the King/Queen you are".


"Got dry itchy skin? We'll not anymore. Silk Sations skin care products leaves your skin looking radiant. Our handcrafted are here to rescue your skin from the clutches of irritation, dark spots, fine lines, and eczema. Experience the power of ultimate hydration as our skin care products locks in moisture, leaving your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed all day with a sun kissed glow"

At  Silk Sations, healthy, luxe, quality products are our mission. We’re committed to providing your hair and skin with exactly what it needs when it's needed. Our SILKIES love it here because we produce high quality luxurious products, now with faster turnaround. So come on, pamper your hair and skin. You deserve it.

Here at Silk Sations, our products are handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients. The Founder of Silk Sations, Tasha Nicol3, created this brand to help save her life after being given five and a half years to live in 2016. (Read the full story "Her Story" page)


In 2018, Walmart reached out and Silk Sations became an online Walmart retailer, and was given the opportunity to stock Walmart store shelves, along with other big box stores. Because Tasha Nicol3 would have had to change her formulations and compromise the integrity of her health-conscious products, she has refused and said she will continue selling Silk Sations online and through salons and barber shops across the USA.


Silk Sations products stand out from other brands because our products are truly all natural and organic, we value producing great products over popularity, giving you real results. So when you see the Silk Sations brand, you can be sure you are receiving quality products. We are proud of everything we handcraft here and we are sure that, just like thousands of our other SILKIES across the country, you'll be just as satisfied using Silk Sations products. We promise, YOU gone love it over here.

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