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Silk Sations, was created out of a need for healthy products that are both safe and effective. These products are helping this CEO cope better with her chronic illnesses after she was given 5 1/2 years to live in 2016. Silk Sations is handcrafted using the absolute best natural and organic ingredients for her hair and skincare line. Created for all hair and skin types, but specifically formulated for African American skin, as well as our coiled, kinky, curly, wavy, natural hair. Thus, adding the moisture and hydration we want and need, yet lack from other products on the market.

  Entrepreneurship for this New Orleans native started at a young age and has never been taken lightly. This serial entrepreneur /Cosmetologist, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, 2x Published Author, CEO of Poetry in Motion Care Bears (A Non-Profit for chronically and terminally ill children) also runs her own T-shirt printing company (Poetic Situations Design) and has graced the covers of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine 2x's and OE Magazine in August of 2018, Now has her own Skin, and Hair Care Line and was recently approved by Walmart to be a retailer!

  Since launching her brand in April of 2017, this CEO has made quite a buzz with Silk Sations, and not just because she has gotten her products in the hands of Icon Celebrities such as Teddy Riley, Angie Stone, Mc Lyte and MiaX, along with Ms. Deb from Love and Hip Hop, and Vegan Queen and Wholefoods spokesperson and actress Tabitha Brown, but because Silk Sations products actually works.


  TNT was also invited to present her products on the red carpet at the Academy Awards and the Super Bowl in 2019, and just recently was approached for a meeting in California to present her brand to big retailers such as Walgreens, Sally's Beauty Stores, Ulta Beauty, CVS, and Wholefoods. Tasha TNT even pitched her business to Shark Tank when they arrived in New Orleans.


  Tasha TNT, says she always knew she wanted to be a Cosmetologist and work for herself. Her first taste of earning her own money as an entrepreneur started when she was fourteen, styling hair at her mother's kitchen table.


  This ambitious CEO went on to hair school shortly after graduating high school. She says being a teen mom made it more difficult but not impossible. Having her son fueled her drive and made her want to pursue her passion that much harder. For the next 17 years she thrived as a Cosmetologist...until several chronic illnesses took over, making it almost impossible for her to continue life as a hair stylist.


  Since birth she has battled being a chronic asthmatic, almost losing her life several times as a result. For most of her childhood Charity Hospital became like a second home. At the age of 27 she suffered a stroke and by the time she was 33 she had suffered three heart attacks. But she has always been a fighter and pulled through and kept it moving.


  In 2014 Tasha TNT was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that almost took her life. She ended up in ICU for almost a month as doctors worked diligently to diagnose and treat her condition. She came out on top, but her life had now been turned upside down because her body was attacking her on a regular, but still she refused to give up and kept moving forward.


  In 2016, after test results came back from her latest doctors visit, Tasha was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and a rare brain disease, she was also told she had a mere 5 1/2 years to live. Refusing to sit around waiting for death, being the fighter that she is Tasha TNT jumped into action, on a mission to help save her life, and thus...this is how Silk Sations was born.


  Using her kitchen and only the best natural and organic ingredients to handcraft her products. Tasha, put her years of cosmetology and countless hours of research together to create her line. She gives credit to her Silk Sations, line of products, for her no longer having to depend on her wheelchair. Although, she still battles with severe chronic pain daily and sometimes have difficulty walking, she says "My mama didn't raise no punk and excuses are never an option!"


  Tasha, has been asked several times why she doesn't just do like most cosmetic lines and use a private labeling company to pump out products and just slap her label on them, because that would make it much easier on her. Her response is, "Because I am dedicated to creating top quality products without the use of harmful chemicals. Remember I created this line to save my life, so I REFUSE to be like every other brand!"

  She says she became even more driven to fulfill her goal of making Silk Sations a household name after the loss of her her Maw Maw whom she lovingly refers to as (Hott Gurl). TNT says her maw maw was her biggest supporter and believed in her and her products so much that shortly before her death December 25, 2017 she told TNT that her products would be in Walmart and hair stores worldwide one day. Tasha says she is working hard to make her Hott Gurl's words a reality.

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