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Nooo Huh- Greaux & Define Bundle

Nooo Huh- Greaux & Define Bundle

Same amazing formula with a new name and look.


Silk Sations Seaux Neauxla Tresses Nooo  Huh - Greaux & Define Bundle gives you exactly what you need for healthy hair care and accelerated hair growth. This bundle is crafted for regular to High Porosity Hair. It has the added  moisture needed to help prevent breakage and shedding, so you can retain not only length, but healthy hair and scalp. Our Bundle is formulated to work together for healthy hair and growth.


Our bundle includes:


Creole Curl, Coil, Wave Defining Cream:  Gives your tresses the long lasting moisture, hydration, definition and softness we all want our natural hair to achieve. Works great for protective styling when combined with our Gumbeaux Greaux Hair Grease and our Secondline Hair and Scalp Serum.


Buku Clarifying Shampoo: is formulated to stimulate your scalp while removing the impurities without stripping your hair of the nutrients needed for healthy hair and scalp. Leaving your hair and scalp clean and refreshed without feeling dry and brittle. That's because our shampoo is formulated without the harsh sulfates most shampoos have. Sulfates strips your hair of all it's naturals oils, which in large doses are harmful to not only your hair, but your health as well. Especially, if you have any type of illness.


Ya'Heard Me Deep Conditioner. Our Deep Conditioner is loaded with conditing properties to leave your tresses soft and manageable, while also adding the moisture, sheen, and the hydration we desire for our natural hair. Without he added silicone that puts a film on your hair that can leave your tresses limb anda hard to get ride of coating. (Not pictured in the bundle, yet. Our conditioner was not available for purchase when we restocked)


Gumbeaux Greaux Hair Grease: Unlike any other hair moisturizer/hair grease you've EVER exprerienced. Using 25 of the best raw, natural, and organic oils to give your scalp & hair a spa like treatment from the comfort of your home. Leaving your scalp feeling cool & refreshed, while leaving your tresses manageable, soft, with amazing sheen. Our ingredients to infuse our oils are hand picked to help accelerate hair growth, reduce breakage, shedding and graying. It also helps with minor to moderate scalp conditions. This has quickly become a top runner up in our line of haircare products. Safe enough to use on children as young as 12 months old.


Secondline Hair and Scalp Ayurvedic Serum: Increases blood flow to help accelerate hair growth. Seals in moisture while helping to reduce minor to moderate scalp conditions, shedding, and graying. Works great for protective styles. This has become a favorite for our Silkies who have struggled for years to acheaive hair growth. Can be used as an hot oil treatment.


Did you know?

High porosity hair is challenged with moisture retention and needs lots of heavy oils, butters, and protein to assist in maintaining moisture. High Porosity hair releases moisture as fast as it takes it in. This makes our Orginial Formula the perfect products for YOU!


Did you also know?

  • High porosity hair sinks to the bottom of water because it doesn't have enough protein.
  • Protein treatments and products with high butter and heavy oil contents are exactly what's needed for high porosity hair.
  • A lack of moisture and protein makes hair look dry and brittle. (If you have this problem, you may be using the wrong types of products.)
  • Applying heat to high porosity hair can cause breakage. So be mindful when applying heat to your hair. Use cold/cool water when shampooing and conditioning hair for best results.
  • High porosity hair releases moisture as fast as it absorbs it, so sealing in moisture with the LOC method should work great (L= Leave-in O= Oil C=Cream) Making Silk Sations Curl and Definign Cream along with our Hair Growth Butter the perfect combination to secure moisture for high porosity hair.


How to test for high porosity hair.

Simply take a few strands of clean hair and place in a glass of warm water. Allow it to sit for no less than two minutes. If the strands sank, then you have high porosity hair, which means, YOU need Silk Sations Orginial Formula products.


Luxury hair care you can afford.

Remember, healthy hair care is self-care... and self-care should ALWAYS be a priority, not an option!

Consistency is key


    Please see each individual product for ingredients and product usage.


    If your products arrive damaged, please send us pictures within 3 days and we will be happy to replace them.

    All sales are final.


    Because all of our products are handcrafted, please allow 3-7 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.

    Orders of $100 or more (before shipping is added) will ship free.

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