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Secondline: Hair & Scalp Ayurvedic Serum

Secondline: Hair & Scalp Ayurvedic Serum

Same amazing formula with a new name and look.


Silk Sations Seaux Neauxla Tresses: Secondline Hair & Scalp Ayurvedic Serum is especially formulated to stimulate, oxidate, and rejuvenate hair follicles, to give you thicker, stronger healthy tresses. If you have issues with thinning hair or balding resulting from: Alopecia, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, hair loss around the edges or hairline or other medical conditions, then this is the product for you. Seaux Neauxla Tresses Secondline Hair & Scalp Ayurvedic Serum will have you seeing results in weeks when uses as directed. 


Our organic and natural ingredients coupled with our hair growth oil formulation provides real results you won't believe. We use the same secret growth oil formulation in our Gumbeaux Greaux Hair Grease.


Note: Individual results may vary based on the condition and/or damage to hair cuticles and follicles. Results depend on various contributing factors such as, consistency, medications, health issues, extensive scalp damage, etc. (Also keep in mind that hair growth rate may also vary based on these factors).


4 oz.



*Accelerates hair growth

*Re-grow edges

*Re-grow thinning hair

*Reduces shedding

*Reduces dandruff

*Slows down graying

*Seals in moisture

*Adds sheen


*Silicone, Petroleum & paraben free

*All natural ingredients


Luxury haircare you can afford.

Remember, healthy haircare is self-care... and self-care should ALWAYS be a priority, not an option!

  • Ingredients:

    Grape seed Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Brahmi Infused Oil, Bhringaraj Infused Oil, Almond Oil, Moringa Infused Oil, Nettle Infused Oil, Curry Leaf Infused Oil, Clove Infused Oil, Amla Infused Oil, Rosemary Infused Oil, Rose Infused Oil, Fenugreek Infused Oil, Black Seed Infused Oil, Lavender Infused Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Infused Oil, Calendula Infused Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Baobab Oil, Neem Infused Oil, Essential Oil Blend, VitaminE Oil, and Organic Fregrance Oil.

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