Kulture Kollection Luxe Bundle

Kulture Kollection Luxe Bundle

Silk Sations Kulture Kollection Luxe Bundle gives you exactly what you need for low porosity, healthy haircare which aids in accelerating hair growth, by helping you to maintain a healthy scalp. Especially formulated for our SILKIES with low porosity hair, this bundle has added moisture which helps prevent breakage and shedding to retain length.


Our bundle includes:


Gumbeaux Curl, Coil, Wave, and Loc defining cream. It gives your tresses the moisture, hydration, defanition, and softness we all want our natural hair to have.


Reggae Loc and Braid Serum. It helps to lock in moisture, adds sheen, conditions, reduces minor to moderate scalp conditions, reduces shedding, while giving your tresses that extra boost needed to accelerate hair growth. It also works great to help keep your hair and scalp moisturized the duration of your protective style.


Rhythm Shampoo. Our Rhythm shampoo is formulated to give your tresses the nutrients it needs. Leaving your hair and scalp clean and refreshed without feeling dry and brittle.


Bluez Deep Conditioner. Our Bluez Deep Conditioner is loaded with conditing properties to leave your tresses soft and manageable, while also adding the moisture, sheen, and the hydration we desire for our natural hair.


Did you know?

Low porosity hair is challenged with moisture retention and needs lots of water-based products and lightweight oils to assist in maintaining moisture. This makes our Kulture Kollection Luxe line the perfect products for YOU!


Did you also know?

  • Low porosity hair floats to the top of water because it already has enough protein.
  • Protein treatments and products with high butter and heavy oil contents are a no-no for low porosity hair.
  • An overload of protein makes hair dry and brittle. (If you have this problem, you may be using the wrong types of products.)
  • Applying heat to low porosity hair opens hair follicles to allow oils and moisture to be absorbed by the hair.
  • Hair steaming, wearing a plastic cap alone or while sitting under a hooded dryer can help lock in moisture.


How to test for low porosity hair.

Simply take a few strands of clean hair and place in a glass of warm water. Allow it to sit for no less than two minutes. If the strands are still floating, then you have low porosity hair, which means, YOU need Silk Sations Kulture Kollection Luxe products.


Luxury haircare you can afford.

Remember, healthy haircare is self-care... and self-care should ALWAYS be a priority, not an option!

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