Grow your hair long, full, and strong.


Our Growth Moisturizer quickly became one of our top seller since the launch of Silk Sations April 2017. Our growth moisturizer does exactly that, adds moisture while helping to accelerate hair growth, which includes thinning edges.. Also adding shine, hydration, and fullness, this is sure to be one of your daily hair care products, certainly a must have. Silk Sations growth moisturizer leaves your scalp and hair healthy and strong. A little goes a long way. Formulated to give natural, relaxed, and color treated hair the nutrients needed to grow and look it's best. Use daily or weekly. If you wear sew-ins, wigs, or protective styles, this is the PERFECT moisturizer for you. We make no medical claims, but our customers with minor to mild scalp conditions says our moisturizer helped to clear up their issues.

Amazing Results.


Not only does our Body Butta's add moisture, hydration, and a sun kissed glow, but it also helps to reduce fine lines, while fading and preventing stretch marks. This is the before and after picture one of our loyal customers sent us after just one use of our Whipped Body Butta. Because we use Raw Butters and Organic oils and don't water down our products, they do just what we say they will. Giving you amazing results right before your eyes.​

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